September 13, 2020

Me in 10 seconds

My name’s Wang Yip and I am a self-published and independent author, Pecha Kucha speaker, former podcast (x2) co-host, regular blogger and teacher. I also blog on steemit and medium.

My current projects include a book on long term thinking and actions and creating audiobook recordings of my books on Amazon. I recently published a book on Amazon called Essential Habits, which I think you would enjoy if you are of the I devour non-fiction books like a fiend, often reading 50+ books in a year, and I publish a monthly newsletter with detailed book notes of the non-fiction books I read so that you can get the most out of the books.

If you are interested in connecting professionally with me, I can be found on LinkedIn or you can e-mail me at I enjoy connecting with others, discussing a number of topics including management consulting, interviews, resumes, career advice, situations at work, routines and habits, and creativity, and I love connecting creative ambitious people to other creative ambitious people. Please e-mail me and introduce yourself. I reply to all.