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Do you stumble words? Use crutch words? Can never think of the right word to use? Do you want to communicate effectively? Do you want to learn how the greatest speakers communicate with ease? Check out my books on public speaking below.

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A Guide to Evaluating Speeches

Evaluating speeches is not just an activity for those people that master toasts (i.e., Toastmasters) but also a way of practicing critical communication and leadership skills like listening, critical thinking and providing constructive feedback. This book will cover everything you need to know about evaluating speeches. For instance, what kind of things should you, as […]

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How to create and deliver great speeches: A seven day approach

Are you interested in learning how speakers create great speeches? What is the framework that they use? How do they manage their time and activities according to how long their speech should be? All great speakers have their own plan that they follow when they need to create a speech and I have shared my […]

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Latest Blog Posts.

I have crazy ideas and that's why I publish content almost weekly on random topics like productivity or tech tools. Take a look at my latest blog posts below.


Are you a villian, victim or helpless?

I’m listening to the audiobook version of Crucial Conversations, which to me is interesting because in Toastmasters, we learn so much about how to communicate with others but we do not learn as much about how we communicate with ourselves. The book talked about a simple scenario that some of us have probably gone through […]

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The road to Distinguished Toastmaster

After 8 years in Toastmasters, I finally achieved my Distinguished Toastmaster! In order to achieve your Distinguished Toastmaster, you have to complete the following designations in the Communication and Leadership tracks. Communication track: 1. Competent Communicator (10 speeches) 2. Advanced Communicator Bronze (10 speeches from two advanced speech manuals and the Competent Communicator award) 3. […]

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My to-do list

For the longest time, I have been fascinated with to-do lists. I have seen others use them to great success and have always wanted to incorporate it into my workflow. When smartphones came out, I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to have a to-do list that reminded me of tasks and activities that I […]

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Who the heck is Wang Yip?

Wang is a management consultant, distinguished toastmaster, author, entrepreneur and an idea machine and has written several books on public speaking. He is always interested in what his readers have to say (either positive or negative feedback) and welcomes honest reviews of his books or direct feedback (DM me on Twitter).


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