I can’t remember where I learned about this trick but I have been using it ever since. It’s a neat little trick that I’ve been using to improve my mindset and it is such a simple change that anybody can do it.

Do you have a laptop at home that you use? Do you enter a password every single time you login? Or do you have a corporate laptop or desktop at work that you login to? Let me ask you another question — what do you set your password? What do you use to login to your machine at least once a day (and more likely multiple times a day)?

Here’s the simple trick that I use — I set my password to something that helps me improve my mindset, improve my mood or a favourite quote. I enter my password multiple times a day and rather than setting it to something that you have to remember and that has nothing to do with your life (say password123), you can set it to a book that you are reading or a quote that gives you pause.

Here are some ideas for what you can set your password to the next time you have to change it:

  • A great quote: ‘if it is to be it is up to me’ that you have heard recently and that has impacted you
  • The latest book that you might be reading (for example, one of my passwords was ‘4hourworkweek’ for a while because I was enjoying Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week)
  • A relationship with a loved one: ‘Ilovemygirlfriend’ or ‘imagreatmother’

It sounds weird but it’s devastatingly simple and effective. I think about my password all the time — why not set it to something that improves your life in some small way?