Jim Rohn said:

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.”

One of the best investments that I have made (and I have made many dumb investments in my life) is investing in myself. There is absolutely no other better investment that will provide greater returns (no not even monero or other cryptocurrencies). And I know lots of people and articles say that but what does that actually mean? I wanted to break it down for you into the things that I do. Here are the ways that I work on myself:


I don’t just mean exercising – that is getting on the treadmil, running 30 minutes, stretching and then repeating every day. Ambitious people are never happy with where they are and so I set goals for myself when I exercise – I might run for 30 minutes but I’ll try to do it a little faster, or do it on a steeper hill, or with shorter rest periods each and every time I run. I’ll do the same thing when i’m weight lifting though I’m not going to be a professional any time soon. Small improvements, every day add up to huge things – you just can’t see the change until enough time has passed.


James Altucher, one of my favourite authors and thinkers, said that books (though not all books) are a compilation or an upload of all the information from a person’s life or career. Think about Steve Jobs’ biography or Influence by Robert Cialdini – they have spent the last 10, 15 even 20 years conducting studies, researching, thinking about the concept, and practicing it in their own lives and all of that knowledge is available for you in a book for the measly price of $20 – $40. WHAT? The value proposition of a book is ridiculous if you really think about it. To be able to get a download of that person’s experience, knowledge or life into your brain, in maybe a few hours (or whatever the average time is to read a book) is incredible. That’s why I try to read as much as I can, whenever I have a free moment.

Eat healthy

I normally have a protein shake in the morning for breakfast – none of the traditional stuff of eggs or bacon or toast. I know that vegetables are good for you and that I should be eating more of them so I try to take in vegetables right away as the first thing I eat that day. As I’m on a travel project, I’ve also been getting these ‘good shots’ from Jugo Juice – it’s a combination of lemon, ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper. Oh god, I don’t even want to describe my first experience taking the shot (I took it straight up and it shook me to my core that whole day – I was surprised I did not turn myself inside out through that shot). Now, I’ve been taking it almost every morning and while I do not see any physical changes in my body, I know that over time, if I put more healthy things into my body, I’ll see changes in the long term. Remember – your body is a machine. If you put in more great things to fuel the machine, you’ll get more outputs than if you put in low quality oil into the same machine.

Ask questions and be humble

I make mistakes – yes that may be surprising to hear, but a lot of my growth and personal development has come from the mistakes that I’ve made. Through my time working with others, I learn to ask more questions. I have tried to learn from others as much as I can (because I don’t know all the answers). I think about second order consequences. These are not yet subconscious habits but it’s getting tHERe! If you approach your work and other people with the mindset that there is something to learn from every experience, I think you’re going to be more positive and be more open to learning and growing.

Purchase online courses

If you’d like me to recommend some courses to you, I can, but I can tell you that I have paid thousands of dollars for online courses – mostly on starting a business but I’ve also paid for courses on project management, understanding success and writing. They are really easy to just buy, watch a few videos and feel like you are growing but that’s not how it works. You have to put in the work! Just like any other course. You can’t just watch a few videos while drinking pea milk – you have to put in the time and energy. Do the work!


I have always been an introvert and a lot of the times, rather than talking to my friends about the problems that I am facing, I’ll just turn inward and reflect. I’ll role play some of the conversations that I have, think about the different conversation branches and come to some sort of decision or action. Over time, this has changed from reflecting only in thoughts to reflecting inside a journal. Now admittedly, I don’t write about my feelings or relationships yet but I am answering questions every day, thinking about what I did that day, who I met, what I ate and generally just reliving the best moments in my day and then trying to figure out how to reduce the bad things in the future. A journal is great – you gain a tremendous amount of clarity from writing things down that you may not get from conversing with others.

All that is to ask – are you working hard at your job? Or are you working hard on yourself? What do you do? What do you recommend?