We are in strange times these days with self isolation being the norm (although when I have gone out on occasion, I see a lot of people out and about which makes me wonder).

Being at home means that you can do a lot of things that you may not have had time or energy for. Working out / exercising. Reading. Cooking. Cleaning out the pantry. Fixing up the garage. Playing board games. Chatting with loved ones.

I have done almost all of the things above. But the one activity that I have been thinking a lot about, and inspired by Jeffrey Gitomer’s live stream in the mornings, is what am I doing during this time so that I will be positioned for success coming out of the self isolation. We all hope that the self isolation period will be over soon, and when it does, will people go back to their same jobs with the same skills and experiences? Or will they come out of it new and improved with a look towards making themselves recession-proof?

The one activity that I am doing during this time that I think will most benefit me is: a skills audit.

Regardless if you are with or without a job, it is critical to conduct a skills audit on a regular basis to make sure that you have the right skills for your goals and dreams moving forward.

Do you envision yourself to be a best selling author in the future? Improve your writing, marketing and design skills. Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? Make sure that you understand basic accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, business operations, employee management, and more.

Here are the questions to ask yourself during this activity:

  • What skills do you currently have?
    • What did you learn in high school, college or university?
    • What did you learn at work?
    • What did you learn volunteering or traveling?
    • What did you learn on your own either through courses, books or programs?
  • What is your goal(s) or dream(s)?
    • What skills do you know you need to accomplish or reach the listed goals?
    • If you do not have these skills, or you do not like doing those activities, what will you do instead? (Delegate? Hire an assistant? Automate with technology? Learn them?)
    • If you decide that you want to learn those skills, how will you learn them? (If you know that you need these skills, your subconscious has likely been listening to the universe for signs, i.e., resources that you can use). For example, when I knew that I wanted to write a book, I made sure that I kept my eyes on the lookout for anything that could help me with writing: books, courses, mentors.
  • Are there skills that you want to learn that have no direct relationship with your dreams or goals?
    • Again, what resources are available to help you learn those skills?
    • Once you have those skills, what would you like to do OR what could you do with those new skills?

If you are struggling with how to keep yourself busy at home while worried about how you will come out of this crisis positioned for success, conducting a skills audit will help give you the direction that you need to come out on the other side better than ever.