Currently, I can help out in the following ways:


I have seven self-published books on Amazon all on public speaking. The books are available for purchase on Kindle and you can order from Amazon if you would like physical copies of the books. Currently, I am working on a book about how to improve your thinking. You also have the option of purchasing my complete e-book set on public speaking.


I have three courses on Udemy. Two are based on my expertise and experience in Toastmasters and cover public speaking. The third course is on how to become a management consultant and gives practical advice on how to network, develop your resume, and prepare for your interview and case study.


I am available for coaching! My current services include public speaking, resume editing, interview preparation and presentation coaching.


My newsletter is completely free and is borne out of love for self help and personal development books. Each month, I send out detailed book notes from the numerous books that I read (I on average read 50+ books a year) and I provide those notes so that you can learn from what I have read. Sign up for my newsletter and get the best things I have learned every two weeks.