November 18, 2019

Wang’s book summaries

I read a lot (~50 books a year) and good luck if you can find me without a book somewhere near by. I love books so much that my favourite place to go anywhere I visit any city outside of town is a bookstore (the best are used bookstores where books are on discounts – I’m drooling just thinking about all that fantastic writing and knowledge that’s out there on a discount). As I complete books, I will be writing summaries and takeaways here (the latest ones are shared on my mailing list so subscribe to my newsletter).

High Performance Habits – Brendon Burchard (5/5)

  • I won’t spoil any of this really amazing book only to say that one of his stories has a client of Brendon asking him for the key tactical pieces of advice in order to increase their performance. The client did not want strategies that other performers were already using or wishy washy quotes or statements that made people feel good temporarily; he wants the specific tasks that he can perform to get the best performance ever. Brendon has broken down the habits of high performers into six key habits and I can already see this book being an incredible book that I am going to give to my high performer friends.

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