I travel quite a bit for work and when I’m traveling on the bus, the wifi is spotty and the bus shakes so reading is quite difficult. So rather than trying to work on my laptop or read a book, I decide to pop in my noise cancelling headphones and listen to podcasts that I have downloaded over the week. Side note – I’m always looking for great podcasts to listen to expand my thinking and I love topics like design, entrepreneurship, starting a business, leadership, communication and comedy (which funny enough, are the topics of some of the podcasts that I recommend below).

So if you’re looking for a great podcast to listen to, wait no further – here’s some of the podcasts that I enjoyed recently:

Good One – a podcast about jokes

This one I found while browsing through some of the new podcasts in my podcast app and I was very much interested because I found the video that Jerry Seinfeld created about pop tarts to be so fascinating. If you haven’t seen the video, Jerry dissects his famous pop tart bit and explains how he came up with the story, breaking down each joke and meticulously spending a ridiculous amount of time on making sure the language is just right. Jerry even shaves down syllables because if the flow and rhythm isn’t right, it could throw off the whole joke.

If you’re looking for an episode to listen to, I really enjoyed listening about how Gary Gulman delivers and then breaks down his Trader Joe story.

OLD podcasts – a group of podcasts about health, life, business and finances

The idea of these podcasts are great – take content that already exists on the internet and read it, similar to an audiobook, with the author’s permission so that it has another channel to get out there. The Optimal Living Daily (OLD) podcasts cover the topics above and have authors such as Ramit Sethi, James Altucher, Mark Manson, Cal Newport and others. The best part about these podcasts? They are extremely short – about 6 – 10 minutes which makes them easily digestible and very actionable.

The Dropout – a podcast about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos seemed to be the top story recently – with a documentary coming out, a best selling book (Bad Blood) chronicling the adventure and this podcast really dives into the people around Theranos, how the company was formed, the secrecy that Elizabeth was operating in, the deals that Theranos made with other companies and more. The Dropout is only 6 episodes and they are very easy to listen to – if you don’t know the whole story about Theranos, you are in for a treat with this podcast.

Three Books – Neil Pasricha – a podcast about books!

I’ve been a long time fan of Neil’s Three Books but I had an extremely pleasant surprise when at the end of one of the podcasts, Neil read my review on iTunes of his podcast! It was so cool! And Neil also has a secret club as part of his podcast – I just think the idea of being in a secret club is a really cool way of engaging your most loyal fans.

In terms of specific episodes to listen to, I really enjoyed the one with Jonathan Fields – the best selling author of “How to live a good life”.

The Fighting Entrepreneur – Anik Singhal – a podcast about entrepreneurship

In some ways, I think Anik is a little bit too much for me but I certainly cannot deny the success he has had as an entrepreneur and his ambition to create the next learning platform for entrepreneurship and starting a business -> Lurn. His podcast definitely dives deep into the specific actions that entrepreneurs are taking to create and run their business and I especially enjoyed the episode about selling on Amazon with Dave Kettner.

Noah Kagan Presents – a podcast about business, entrepreneurship, health and random personal development topics

Noah Kagan doles out short digestible, action-packed episodes that you cannot just help but listen to and want to take some sort of action on. For me, I don’t relate to all of his podcast episodes but there are a few like developing a wealthy person’s mindset that are really worth listening to (and re-listening).

Work Life by Adam Grant – a podcast exploring how to make work and life better

Adam Grant is amazing! I am a fan of all of his ideas and I was blown away by one episode where he talks about how being friends with your rivals can actually help both of you. I would have never thought it myself but he explored a few scenarios like having a racing buddy to push you / support you as you race vs. racing alone and in those cases, having a racing buddy meant that you can both achieve a faster time. It’s something to think about at your company as you ‘compete’ against your competition.

Trailblazers by Walter Isaacson – a podcast about disruption

This is the podcast that I wanted to create but felt like Walter beat me to the punch. It explores disruption and innovation in specific fields – say airplanes or gambling – going from the beginnings of the idea to what is happening now and what may happen in the future. It’s a fascinating look at what is happening and what to expect in the future and very interesting for consultants (like myself) who are advising clients on how best to navigate the future.

Specific episodes I like was the one on Sneakers and the one on gambling.

Moonshots – a podcast about the crazy ideas that are not so crazy

This podcast talks about some of the crazy ideas and has some incredible people as guests: Peter Thiel, Ray Dalio, Simon Sinek, Tim Cook just to name a few. I became a fan of Ray Dalio after seeing his TED talk and reading his book Principles so I would recommend that episode if you’re giving Moonshots a shot!

The Tim Ferriss Show – a podcast where Tim dives deep into the tactics, strategies and mindsets that the top athletes, entrepreneurs and celebrities use to become the very best

I mean, how could I leave Tim off the list? The podcast episodes are monster episodes – which makes for a great listen on long trips like a few hour bus rides here and there. I was especially in awe of one of his most recent episodes with Loonshots author, Safi Bahcall and I’m now just reading through Loonshots and find it to be a great read so far with lots of interesting takeaways and insights that will change how I think about the ideas that fail. I especially like one quote that he shares in his book and on the podcast: An idea isn’t a good idea until it has failed three times.

Again, I’m always interested in hearing about other podcasts that you are listening to and what your favourite episodes are – so let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations!


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