I admire Neil Pasricha so much – I have been reading through his book of awesome books and am filled with so much gratitude and quite frankly I’m jealous that he has such incredible fascination with life and noticing all the little things that are so great. Inspired by his books and trying to be more grateful in my life, I decided I would share ten things that I think are awesome and hopefully inspire you to see the awesome in your life:

When you go to grab milk for your cereal but wonder if the milk is still good, and then when you check the expiry date it is actually that day

I mean even waiting one or two days after the expiry date is probably safe but I know some people who are quite rigid on what food they eat or throw away based on the expiry date.

When you are nervous about contacting someone you haven’t talked to in a long time but they respond in an equally or even more positive manner than you

I often wonder if I am a bad friend. I have many friends who I have fallen out of touch with or that I don’t see as often and I feel guilty a lot of the times for focusing on myself rather than others. But if I spent all of my time hanging out with others, I don’t think I would get any of my projects that I want to complete (book, side hustles, etc.) done.

When you go to cut your lawn and realize that your neighbour has already done it for you

This happened to me multiple times – likely because we shared a small piece of front lawn and it really didn’t make a lot of sense to only cut one side. I returned the favour multiple times as well so it was a nice inside moment that our two houses shared.

When you re-organize and find some things that you weren’t looking for but need

Originally, I was looking for something specific (spare kitchen towels) but when I started looking through some of the boxes and storage containers, I found a few other items (such as shoe trees) that I did not even realize were in storage. It’s a wonder how many things are probably in storage that I have probably went out to buy because I didn’t think we had any left.

When you open up a new notebook to use after finishing another notebook

I have this weird obsession with notebooks – I love looking at them at stationary stores, opening them up, imagining what I write but when I go to use them, I feel like they should be kept in pristine condition and so end up writing on a spare piece of paper or electronically instead. But there’s nothing like starting a new notebook – it is as if a world of possibility has come up just from starting.

When you go to make your tea and you still have hot water in the thermos

Sometimes I just don’t want to wait for the water to boil to have my tea right now. And when I go to my thermos, a lot of the times, the thermoses are empty or the water has gotten cold. But that magical moment when you want to drink the green tea that your friend gave you and there is hot water in the thermos is wonderful.

When you look back at your pictures, remember what happened, and smile or laugh

I don’t do this often but sometimes, I’ll take a look through the pictures that I’ve taken. It’s a great way of slowing down time in a way and remembering some things that I may have forgotten. I also like to take a moment to relive some moments in the past and to think about the food that I’ve eaten and what kind of person I was ‘back in the day’.

Pro tip: take a picture of what is inside your luggage the next time you are traveling and have a lot of things stuffed everywhere – if you are trying to remember or reassure yourself that you brought a specific item, you can take a look through your pictures rather than trying to open up your luggage at the airport.

When you have been looking at buying something for a while and when you go to look at it, it’s at a major discount

One awesome moment that happened to me was when I was shopping at RW&Co. I was looking through and found a jacket that was particularly nice. It was also on sale. As I held the jacket, making my way to the counter, a sales associate stopped me and mentioned that the jacket was actually further discounted. I think the regular price for the jacket was $80 and I bought it for $20. Amazing!

When you and a friend witness another person doing something strange

I love it when that happens, as rare as it is. It’s like an inside joke that only you and your friend know and that inside joke lives on and on in many moments after.

When you do something embarrassing but you realize that nobody noticed it (or at least was nice enough to pretend not to notice it)

I’ll go to a restaurant with friends and accidentally drop something that stains my pants or my shirt. Which is why I try to bring a tide to go any time I’m wearing nice clothing but expecting to eat (say a wedding or a dinner party). I’ll drop that spaghetti onto my white shirt and realize that smudging it with my napkin is making it worse! Before anyone

What awesome things are in your life? Pause and reflect on those things – I’m sure you’ll be more grateful and realize how awesome you (and your life) are after.