As I continue to read Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World, I wanted to reflect on Scroll 4 and pick out some quotes that resonated with me.

None that came before, none that live today, and none that come tomorrow can walk and talk and move and think exactly like me.

Scroll IV – Og Mandino – The Greatest Salesman in the World

Whenever I have doubts about what I have to say (blog), I come back to this quote and believe confidently that I have a unique perspective on the world. Others might share reviews of books, others might even have the exact same quotes or takeaways in their blog posts, but my view and perspective adds value in a different way.

Vain attempts to imitate others no longer will I make. Instead I will place my uniqueness on display in the market place.

Scroll IV – Og Mandino – The Greatest Salesman in the World

Although a completely valid strategy, my first few years were about copying others. Many of my book reviews were highlighting the things that the author highlighted. Or stealing great ideas from other thinkers and adapting it to my own situation. But I’ve come to a point in my life where I believe I have a unique perspective on things and I can come up with original thoughts: a combination of my experience, what I’ve learned, what I’ve read, and what interests me.

But my skills, my mind, my heart, and my body will stagnate, rot, and die lest I put them to good use. I have unlimited potential. Only a small portion of my brain do I employ; only a paltry amount of muscles do I flex. A hundredfold or more can I increase my accomplishments of yesterday and this I will do, beginning today.

Scroll IV – Og Mandino – The Greatest Salesman in the World

We are all capable of greater things than we think we are. Sometimes it’s our beliefs that are holding us back (okay, maybe it’s a lot of the time). Were people capable of running the 4-minute mile before Roger Bannister proved that it was possible? I’m willing to bet yes. Sometimes it’s that belief that makes all the difference. So let me say this now: whatever you want to accomplish, you can do it! I believe in you.

I am not on this earth by chance. I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand.

Scroll IV – Og Mandino – The Greatest Salesman in the World

Mark Twain says that the two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why. Everybody has a purpose and when you discover your purpose, everything will fall into place.

Velocity is made up of two components: speed and direction. Speed is how quickly you go. How hard you work. How much effort you put into things. Direction is your purpose. You can go incredibly quick, work extremely hard, but because your direction is unclear, you are not moving towards your purpose as quickly as you could be. Work hard, with a purpose.

I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.

Scroll IV – Og Mandino – The Greatest Salesman in the World

Every entrepreneur created a great business solving problems. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. And don’t think that every problem on Earth has been solved. Make it a habit to note down every time you are frustrated with something. Or complain. Or wish that something could be different. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a business there, but it is certainly an opportunity (otherwise you wouldn’t have that problem).