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Hobbies vs. jobs vs. careers vs. vocation

This video is something that I recently watched and found it to be extremely illuminating. Elizabeth Gilbert is an author, probably best known for Eat Pray Love (which got made into a movie with Julia Roberts) but she has also written a few other interesting books — Committed and her most recent best seller Big Magic. What […]

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Adam Robinson and his advice for college graduates

I recently had the chance to listen to an interview that Tim Ferriss conducted with Adam Robinson. A bit of background on Adam, he is an American educator, freelance author and a US Chess Federation life master. He co-founded The Princeton Review, wrote a best selling exam prep book Cracking the SAT and currently works […]

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The actor’s life and seven things I learned from Jenna Fischer

I had the wonderful opportunity to read Jenna Fischer’s book ‘The Actor’s Life – a Survival Guide’. I know Jenna from The Office fame and in the book, she chronicles her own experience working her way up in acting and how she actually ironically worked a number of administrative assistant / secretary jobs before landing […]

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