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Ten ways to get more life

Some of my regular readers may know that I, from time to time, go to OrangeTheory to work out. This studio has exploded since it first came out and has expanded to numerous locations across Canada and the US (and the world). Throughout the studio, they have different words such as “Believe” or “Achievement” designed […]

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The one key skill for ambitious people looking to move forward in their lives

When I was doing interviews with new graduates and experienced hires for management consultant positions, we used to have something called ‘the airport test’. The airport test is simply – if you were stuck with the person that you were interviewing at the airport, how long would you want to spend stuck at the airport […]

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Better questions means a better life

I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of better questions – it’s something that Tony Robbins often says and in fact, it’s a motto of the firm that I work at (EY) – the better questions you ask, the better answers you get. The reason that I have been thinking about questions is because […]

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Adam Robinson and his advice for college graduates

I recently had the chance to listen to an interview that Tim Ferriss conducted with Adam Robinson. A bit of background on Adam, he is an American educator, freelance author and a US Chess Federation life master. He co-founded The Princeton Review, wrote a best selling exam prep book Cracking the SAT and currently works […]

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7 things I learned from Bear Grylls

I recently read Bear Gryll’s book “A survival guide for life – how to achieve your goals, thrive in adversity, and grow in character”. Bear Grylls has caught my attention ever since my brother introduced me to his show ‘Man vs. Wild’. I wasn’t sure what it was about the show, but it brought back […]

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