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How to make best use of your passive time

Back in university, my biology professor was telling the class about the different assignments and exams that she had planned for the semester. The students in the front row (I was in the back), started to complain, saying that they had very little time to do all of these things and would the professor just […]

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Ways I develop and maintain focus on my work

Focus, willpower, discipline – are these words that describe what you are like throughout the day? They certainly didn’t describe me for a long time after I got a smartphone. Have you ever forgotten your phone at home and only realized it at work? Something suddenly clenches your throat, you find it hard to breathe […]

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Night time routines to help you succeed in life

Many, many successful people have morning routines. A few years ago, there was a big explosion, a focus on morning routines — things like meditating, exercising, journaling, practicing gratitude (there’s a few more but I’ll save that for the book that I’m writing about the routines of successful people). Equally as important as morning routines is having […]

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